Kemerovo chemists have overcome the one million mark in the production of ammonia

Ammonia — a key raw material for the production of fertilizers and caprolactam at the Kemerovo "Ashdod" (part of "SDS Nitrogen"). Since the beginning of the volume of its production reached more than 1 million tons.
December 19 manufacturing service the largest chemical production enterprises of Kuzbass recorded a million tons of ammonia, the next morning the total volume has already reached 1 million 102 tons since the beginning of the year


For the third year, "Nitrogen" confidently stands high production rate, exceeding the annual millionth milestone for the production of ammonia. An impressive figure in 2012 reached 10 days earlier than in 2010 (then a million tons of ammonia was produced on December 29). Was a record year for production and in 2011, when the company produced one million 71 thousand tons of this product. Earlier, similar results to the "Ashdod" get failed.

According to experts, such advances have been made possible in the first place, because of the large investment program for the development of production (consisting of two large-capacity units Ammonia and Ammonia-1-2). In addition, a high level of productivity and ensure the stability of components and equipment. Thanks to the efforts of these groups of plants, as well as engineers and workers repair mechanical units, units AM-70 and AM-76 most of the year working stably and at high loads. 
In general, the volume of chemical production Kemerovo "Nitrogen" has kept the same as last year, and in some positions improved total annual production.

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