Kemerovo region: Tom returned to the river valuable species of fish


In the main waterway of Kuzbass — Tom river and its tributaries due to improved water quality, returning valuable species of fish, including trout, sturgeon, sturgeon. This is related to the online conference in the regional administration head of the department for the protection of wildlife Kemerovo region Pavel Stepanov.

One of the desired target species for fishermen Kuzbass was recently trout. In 2011, this valuable fish in the Kuzbass were caught almost 1.3 tonnes, mainly in the license areas of recreational and sport fisheries, organized by Tom, Upper, Lower and Middle Tersi. In this case, the catch quota set by Rosrybolovstvo (2 tons) in the region is not closed.

Held trout fishing and scientific research purposes — Novosibirsk specialists. Among the captured control copies across individuals, even seven years old, growing up to 65 centimeters. Any disease trout are dangerous to humans, in the basin of the river Tom in 2011 have been identified. And scientists give expert opinions favorable to further the maintenance of stocks trout in the waters of the Kuzbass. Among other precious in today meets Tom peled, whitefish, sturgeon, sturgeon, grayling. And the only species whose numbers decreased, zander. The reason was the shallowing of the river, which resulted in the disappearance of deep pits where walleye could settle in the winter, the press service of the administration of the Kemerovo region.

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