Kenyans rescued from flood

Kenyans fleeing flood Natural Disasters

In Kenya, the ongoing heavy rains, triggering floods, in which many residents were forced to flee their homes. Which began in late November rains have destroyed roads and bridges, which can be delivered to the victims.

Figure 1.Pyatidesyatiletny Mze Enos Agol is a calf after floods flushed his house in a Kenyan village Niakvere on the lake. Victoria on December 10.

The water level in the Danube River, the second largest river in Europe, fell to a record low, complicating the work of river vessels. The reason for this was the driest in the last two centuries of November. The volume of cargo on the river flowing from the south of Germany and flowing into the Black Sea, down 4 times. There is a risk of undermining the courts of bombs warships since World War II, protruding from the water obmelchal Danube.

In the south-east Queensland, December 10 storm hit, moving to the east of Australia. The most affected north of Brisbane, where about 2.6 thousand houses had problems with the power supply. In the region in a short time has dropped about 50 mm of rain in Lockington to 74 mm. 4 cm diameter hail fell in Birburrume and Lockyer Valley flooded. December 11 Territory Queensland again suffered storm attack.

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