Keramet presented a production hall

Without exaggeration, we can say that the event has become a significant event for the scrap processing industry in Ukraine. The presentation was attended by managers and owners of about 30 companies — scrap procurement companies from all regions of Ukraine, as well as representatives of metallurgical plants: PJSC "Dnieper Metallurgical Plant", PJSC "ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog", JSC "Zaporizhstal". Special guests were delegates Metso Lindemann GmbH — a leading manufacturer of scrap processing equipment and BLN Group Ukraine — authorized dealer machinery TEREX Fuchs in Ukraine. Total presentation was attended by about 100 people, thus justifying the wildest expectations of the organizers. 

The event was opened CEO of PJSC "KERAMET" Vladimir Bubley, who introduced the participants with experience in outsourcing transfer processes associated with the procurement and processing of scrap metal directly to the steel mills. Similar projects have been successfully implemented by PJSC "KERAMET": Given the positive experience of the production and procurement departments of the company, were transferred to all the processes related to the supply of scrap metal to the steel mills of the Corporation "ISD". Thus, we have solved the problem of increasing the quantity and improving the quality characteristics of metal supplied to steel plants PJSC "Alchevsk Steel" and PJSC "Dnipro Iron and Steel."

On implementation of the company in the shops DNEPRODZERZHINSK advanced methods of processing scrap with the director of advanced equipment for the production of PJSC "KERAMET" Konstantin Saganenko. Special emphasis was put on a new site recycling of scrap shears, process which is provided with scissors EU 1240-10-TD 100-25-20 Metso Lindemann GmbH (cutting force mechanism — 1250 m). The equipment has a loading chamber dimension (length — 10.00m, width — 2.5m) allow you to load scrap metal with virtually no restrictions on the linear dimensions of the piece. Shears serviced appliances TEREX Fuchs, including TEREX Fuchs RHL 860 X-trac Pylon — one of a kind car on tracks with electric. Loader is equipped with a pylon and infinitely hydraulically elevating cab to a height of 8.2 m survey, which ensures excellent visibility of the working area, making it easier for the operator and increasing productivity. Specific features of the loader provides its high load capacity and efficiency, and an added plus is the environmental factor: the lack of exhaust gases to avoid air pollution. Constantine Saganenko also spoke about the recently launched line of drop-hammer shop briquetting steel wool Metso Lindemann GmbH. The main equipment of the line is a hydraulically operated MUB 630 briquetting press for bilateral compression chips and chopper ZB 116h142 required for pre-treatment of volume or tangled chips. At present, the performance reached 2,500 tons of briquettes per month, in the immediate objectives of the company — to increase production capacity by purchasing and commissioning in August 2013 the second-briquetting press MUB 630 and isolators for processing vyunoobraznoy chips. In total, 2013 PJSC "KERAMET" set a goal to increase the volume of deliveries of steel shavings briquettes own production to 4000 tons / month.

Still, the main that the organizers wanted to convey to the participants of the presentation is not an impressive list of technological innovations, and what’s behind it: the expansion of forms of commercial interactions of suppliers of scrap metal. New variants of cooperation were discussed in the report, the commercial director of PJSC "KERAMET" Andrew Guruleva, which told the participants about the qualitative expansion of types of scrap purchased by the company. A.Gurulev drew the attention of the audience, which at the moment PJSC "KERAMET" completely removed all restrictions on the linear dimensions of the ships in his address lump of scrap metal, and the only thing that is required of the supplier — is to provide a lot of scrap in the car of 45 tons.

In addition, the speaker talked about the features of purchases by steel and iron shavings. PJSC "KERAMET" developed such an order and delivery conditions under which scrap procurement can ship the chips do not accumulate to a wagon standards. Supply chips can be an amount that is available in a car with lumpy scrap, thus achieving the required vehicle loading. Among other things, the rapporteur raised issues related to the supply of briquettes from chips, as well as the peculiarities of the purchase scrap. A. Gurulyov assured that all information is outlined them open and accessible to providers, is reflected in the method of acceptance of scrap, and a new version of which was presented to the participants of the event. Technique, being the same for all areas of shipping, is designed to make life easier for suppliers of PJSC "KERAMET", making the process of acceptance of scrap metal as convenient and transparent for both sides.

The event was also made at a presentation — the audience presented their reports to the Director of Quality PJSC "DMK" Gennady Peredisty, CEO of Metso Recycling CIS Sergey Grandmother and director BLN Group Ukraine Uldis Lininsh.

Dnipropetrovsk city was not accidentally chosen as the venue for the event nationwide. In its decision, the organizers were guided by the desire to demonstrate the presented work in the shop. One of the key points of the program was the business of the company to its production facilities, where during a tour of the event participants were given the opportunity to directly place on the features of the technological process.

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