Keys from new apartments benefit recipients received three regions

In Belogorsk Amur Region 20 orphans and children left without parental care, got the keys from new apartments in the house on Spring Lane. One-and two-bedroom apartments are located in the well-appointed two-story house in Spring Lane. Each apartment is equipped with electric stove, new plumbing. Next to the house is located park and stadium "Amurselmash."

In the city of Samara region Pohvistnevo more than 20 families became owners of the keys to new apartments.

Doctors, teachers, cultural workers, family services, police, large families — a total of 21 family — have won the cherished meters.

Check the neighborhood "South" began at the end of last year, while 12 families from emergency housing, and the same family of public sector employees held a housewarming. Apartments are available to newcomers under the program "Promote the development of housing in the Samara region for 2011-2015".

Within its framework, as at the end of June 2012 the construction of a kindergarten. And with the financial support of the Government in the Southern Province will be built the road.

Regional reserve servicemen handed keys to new apartments in Tosno Leningrad region.

December 13, Tosno handed the keys to the apartments in the new building at ul.Totmina, the first of twenty-four discharged military service. Former military personnel are provided with accommodation in a special program similar to "veteran" with the release of federal funds. The total subsidy granted for the duration of the program was 943, 9 million.

In Leningrad new apartments will be provided to more than 400 families. In the cities of Vyborg, Gatchina, Tosno, Pine Forest and the village of Vartemyagi Vsevolozhsk district built or are being built for this purpose new homes. The next location for the new settlers after Tosno will Vartemyagi.

"Tosnenskiy district has become the first and best among those where the former military area provides comfortable housing. However, the region as a whole is ready to fulfill its obligations to the military, retired, and all of them within the next year will celebrate housewarming party — said vice-governor. — As for the military decided to build a new home, and not to purchase flats in the secondary market, the waiting list to ensure that all in need of better housing conditions, we plan to June 2013. "

To date, 36 families have received lump-sum payments (EDV) for the purchase of apartments. In general, the field of municipal construction contracts (purchase) sale agreed for 203 families before the end of 2012 it is planned to sign contracts for the purchase of 77 more apartments. Thus, the 316 regional reserve military families already know the address of their future home, area and location of the apartments.



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