Khabarovsk to offend the LEADER

[B] Local fans have installed anti-record attendance at the game leader, which ended in a draw unpleasant for him. "Rostov", inexorably approaching the Premier League, could not do without a loss in Khabarovsk. [/ B] The first cold, really autumn rain ceased for an hour before the match, and faded game "SKA-Energia" in the previous home game outsiders from Bryansk sharply reduced the number of spectators in the stands. The match with the leader of the first division was the worst attendance for the entire season. Watch the game of the future Premier League club came only true fans of football. [Cut] In terms of relative malolyudya could expect a kind of fan duel. In Khabarovsk arrived about a dozen fans of the Don of the club. However, due to the fact that in Irkutsk on the part of the Rostov fans were stolen money and documents, but they looked pretty dejected and support their idols provided purely symbolic. Khabarovsk fans, inspired by the recent public statement CEO "SKA-Energia" Sergei Feldman’s readiness to support any local initiatives torsidy seem so full of enthusiasm. However, he poured a few extravagant banner: "Rostselmash" we are twisted together into a stuffing. " The first half of the match goes to a meeting engagement style lava of the Don Cossack Ataman Platov. Both teams headlong rush into frenzied attack. The first goal arises from nothing. Osinov delivers far penalty from the left flank, and Zivanovic-blank shooting Nevokshenova gate. The entire coaching staff hosts jumps up from the bench and the referee rushes to the side, trying to prove that he was offside. In vain. 0:1. There’s not a moment that should be swift cavalry raid "SKA-Energia" and Vanya from close range just scored a goal, to become a scorer Khabarovsk 18th in the current season. 1:1. At the end of the first half Rostov "lava" holds firm attack of the Don Cossacks, called military experts "Venter." To lure the opponent into their half of the field and gets a free kick. The ball bounces off the wall to the center of the field and become easy prey for swift Hong. Korean footballer "Rostov" amazing accuracy Paz brings to the position of stopping heavy cavalry in the face of Aspen. 1:2 — the guests ahead again. But the guys did not miss the Far East. Next runs counter not in the style of "checkers bald", and under Suvorov’s motto "every player know the maneuver." After a series of rallies in the penalty guests Garbuz sighted throws the ball back in jeopardy Bagaev, and midfielder "SKA-Energia" like a blow struck peaks far corner Rostovites. The second half of the game takes place in diverse, but to no avail maneuvering.

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