Kharkiv plant Shevchenko now performs contracts for 32 million hryvnia

SOE "Kharkiv Instrument Plant Shevchenko" fulfills contracts worth 32 mln. This was on April 13 told the deputy chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Andriy Mochenkov. "The plant demand and can live and work. Reading news feeds about the situation at the plant, the enterprise potential customers may think that the plant is not operational, but it is not" — said the deputy governor.

According to him, in particular, performed the contract for the supply of spare parts for tanks, "stronghold" (12 mln.) On the program "Bulat" for the Ministry of Defence (4.75 mln.), And as part of the Iraq contract with the CP "Kharkiv Machine Building Design Bureau in the im.Morozova" (11.4 mln.).

As the chief engineer of the plant Basil Lunin, supply management systems for "pillars" will last until 2013 — mid-2014, "Performance of the order is just beginning. This is a very promising contract which may be extended for deliveries to customers in other countries," — said V.Lunin.

He also said that in the summer of 2011 a contract was signed with "UkrSpetsExport" which covers the supply of spare parts and components for the previously supplied equipment and services to ensure its viability. "To fulfill the contracts have the necessary expertise and equipment," — said the chief engineer.

According to him, there is the prospect of producing an annual cross equipment for telecommunication stations for 3 mln., And various fixtures, including for municipal services. "But on this direction to work," — said V.Lunin.


Help "SQ". Shevchenko plant produces exchanges, the control systems for machines and power facilities. In the 1992-1997. the plant mastered the mass production of electronic systems, instruments, units and sensors for use in various types of armored vehicles.

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