Kharkiv scientists have created a unique instrument for the detection of heart disease

Scientists Radiophysics Faculty KNU them. Karazina developed Magnetocardiography, which costs ten times less than their foreign counterparts.

The heart emits a small magnetic field in which scientists can determine predisposition to heart attacks and other heart diseases. An electrocardiogram can not detect a predisposition to disease. 

Told "City Watch" Dean said Sergei Shulga.

In the world there were several firms that create Magnetocardiography that operate at very low temperatures. The cost of such equipment is of the order of 1.5 million. During the year, for example, a German company sells such devices to ten. The reason — the high cost.

Kharkov same scientists together with the Lviv Institute for Space Research have developed a sensor that operates at room temperature and the quality is comparable with the German.

The cost of such a device would be of the order of one hundred thousand dollars.

However, to complete the research and development of a prototype to about 50 thousand hryvnia. Interest in creating a fundamentally new Kharkov scientists have identified Magnetocardiography Chinese scientists who are willing to fund the research. Money must be received at the beginning of 2014.

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