Kharkiv scientists have deduced a unique barley

In Kharkov Institute of Crop im.Yureva brought unique for Ukraine beardless barley variety "Modern. "

 This was told "SQ" chief researcher at the Laboratory of Genetics and Breeding Institute of barley Michael Kozachenko.

According to him, ostinki conventional barley, getting into the animal’s stomach, it can cause injury. A new variety does not have this disadvantage. In addition, it increased the protein content, making it ideal for fodder production. According to Kozachenko, a new variety of barley began to sow the fields of Kharkiv region and other regions in the past year.

As noted Kozachenko, except forage varieties, scientists are also working on the creation of food and barley varieties. In conventional varieties of barley starch contains 75% amylopectin and 25% — amylose. Is scheduled to be sort of starch which will only contain amylopectin. This barley will be in demand for the organization diet.

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