Kharkiv Tractor Plant has implemented nearly 2,000 tractors

PJSC "Ordzhonikidze Kharkov Tractor Plant" (HTZ) in 2011 produced about 1.9 million tractors and sold one thousand 950 tractors. Part of the tractor was realized from stock. In Ukraine, the remaining 26% of the volume of sold cars. Russia was the main importer. In value terms, sales of about 770 mln.
In the first half of the year the plant produced and sold about 1 million 50 tractors. "Autumn — traditionally a good season for sales of agricultural equipment, but this year the expectations are not met. The season was difficult, since agricultural products fell, "- noted in the factory.
As reported in the HTZ, factory program "Ukragroleasing" sold 64 tractors and plans to participate in this program and in 2012

Total funding from all sources of financing in the purchase of agricultural machinery in 2011 in Kharkiv region amounted to 837.2 mln. In 2011, purchases of equipment in monetary terms was 2.4 times more than in 2010, and by 4.4 times — than in 2009
HTZ manufactures farm tractors, as well as road-building and construction equipment (based on the tractor). In addition, the plant produces crawler tractors and hot formed billet parts.
As of October 1, 2011 the cost of a wheel tractor HTZ-175 190 hp is 57 — 65 thousand., caterpillar — 48-58 thousand., front loader — 49-54 thousand., the TC-10 — 92-104 thousand.

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