Kharkiv Tractor Plant upgraded tractor HTZ-170

Kharkiv Tractor Plant has upgraded some manufactured tractors. Told the company web-site. According to the chief designer of the plant Vladimir Buhalova, in particular, on tractors HTZ-150K and HTZ-170 began installing new hydraulic system. On the HTZ-150K replaced by more modern valves, and HTZ-170 installed a new hydraulic system.


According Buhalova, as a result of the modernization of HTZ-170 can work with domestic and imported instruments of the relevant class. The designers combined the hydraulic system for hinged instruments and steering system equipping one oil tank capacity is 90 liters. It provides protection against oil leakage in case of emergency hose burst. Apply a gear pump with constant capacity 98 l / min. with increased work pressure, as well as a new five sectional distributor, in which four sections have implications for consumers and one — for hydraulic cylinders mounted system.

Help "SQ". Kharkiv Tractor Plant was founded in 1931, now produces 2.1 thousand tractors a year. In 2011 HTZ produced about 1.9 million tractors, sold 1 950 thousand cars. In Ukraine, the remaining 26% of the volume of sold cars. Russia was the main importer. In value terms, sales of about 770 mln. HTZ manufactures farm tractors, as well as road-building and construction equipment (based on tractors), crawler tractors. In addition, the plant produces hot formed billet parts.

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