Kharkov airmen have a new simulator of military aircraft L-39C Albatros (TCS-L39)

In Kharkiv in the 203rd Training aviation brigade enacted stationary integrated simulator pilot of the A-39C "Albatross" (TCR-L39). The new facility will improve the technical sessions on specific training of pilots, instructors and students, will raise the level of safety and to promote conservation of material resources of a military unit.

Simulator TKS-L39 is designed and built entirely in the Lviv region by OOO "Market-Mats". Under the terms of the contract with the manufacturer of the defense department was responsible for the delivery of the simulator in Chuguyiv, its assembly and training of military personnel in the future to service it.


— Simulator TKS-L39 — it’s not just modern equipment.Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it worked on the former military pilots specifically for their successors.As a result, the simulator allows for 100% of preparatory exercises and up to 85% of the pilot technique, — said Lieutenant General Victor Sidash.

After cutting the symbolic ribbon and the consecration of Father Vadim special class right the first to take a virtual flight instructor pilot assigned to the second brigade of the Air Squadron Lieutenant Ivan Obodovskaya. As head of operations was made commander of the brigade military pilot I-grade Colonel Gennady Dubovik.

— The similarity of this wonderful technology to the management of the real jet strikes. Even the exercise of aerobatics and fly in adverse conditions it is possible to work on it. And that is provided on the flight operations group sletannosti makes simulator simply priceless — told the brigade commander, Colonel Gennady Dubovik.

According to the chief developer simulator TCS-L39 Major General Retired Yuri Sinenko, perform all the work on putting into operation of a mean cost the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine about 25 million hryvnia.

— Such a simulator of the foreign counterparts, cost is 8.12 million U.S. dollars. In addition, our competitors in North America, Germany and France are working on inventions for years with 15-20 research institutions. We — Aviators from the city, and themselves in the short term create each sample technique, because we do it for his countrymen, — said Yuri Sinenko.

Among the future challenges, Ltd. "Market-Mats" to perform for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, called the work on the simulator complex combat helicopter Mi-24.Predpolagaetsya that it also would cost the military budget of 25 million hryvnia, and the following year entered service Regiment Army Air Corps Land Forces, located in the Lviv region.


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