Kharkov farmers 2.5 times increased purchases of agricultural machinery

In 2011, Ukrainian agrarians purchased agricultural machinery by 3.2 billion UAH.

Total funding from all sources of financing in the purchase of agricultural machinery in 2011 in Kharkiv region amounted to 837.2 mln. This was during a regional meeting on the preparation of the complex of spring field work in 2012, Deputy Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration (Hogan) Vitaly Alekseichuk, the website Hoag.
According to the deputy chairman of Hogan, in 2011 the volume of purchases of equipment in terms of money is 2.4 times more than in 2010, and by 4.4 times — than in 2009

According «SQ» Sales Director for Ukraine "Trading house" Kharkov Tractor Plant "(HTZ) Sergei Karabakh, within the regional program to reduce the cost of a complex agricultural farming area in 2011 bought seven tractors krupnolitrazhnyh" HTZ ". The program will work in 2012 S.Karabilo As noted, there are prospects to increase sales of tractors in the region on preferential terms. "A similar program operates in the Odessa region. But if in the Kharkiv region buyer should immediately seek the full price of the tractor, and then wait for him to make up 30%, while in Odessa done differently. There farmer pays 70% immediately, and then the seller of the tractor oblbyudzheta pay extra 30%. Due to such an innovation in the Odessa area sales of tractors HTZ at a discounted program increased by 280%, "- he said.

HTZ manufactures farm tractors, as well as road-building and construction equipment (based on the tractor). In addition, the plant produces crawler tractors and hot formed billet parts.

As of October 1, 2011 the cost of a wheel tractor HTZ-175 190 hp is 57 — 65 thousand., caterpillar — 48-58 thousand., front loader — 49-54 thousand., the TC-10 — 92-104 thousand.

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