Kharkov NIOCHIM upgrades Soda Plant in Iran

State Institute "NIOCHIM" (Kharkov) has received an order for the modernization of the plant for the production of soda ash "Semnan" in Iran. In Iran in 2003, the factory was constructed for the production of soda ash in the Chinese project. During the operation of the plant revealed that the production capacity is not enough, and applied technologies need substantial upgrading, also having problems with the reliability of the equipment.

For help Iranian experts have turned to NIOCHIM. Followed by Iran‘s offer of cooperation is quite natural, since our institute recently performed at a high scientific and technical level, a number of works for the soda factories in different countries of the world.

In the first phase of modernization of the plant in Iran will be reconstructed portion of distillation (the contract has already been signed). One of the weaknesses of the site, built by the Chinese, is a frequent, once a month, to stop cleaning. On our technology department distillation can work without interruption from six months to a year.

In Iran, can be built another factory to produce soda ash. This is associated with the development and construction of the glass industry in Iran soda which is used as raw material. NIOCHIM plans to take part in the construction of this plant.  The former Soviet Union NIOCHIM — the only institution that develops integrated technology of production of soda ash plants and designs. We specialize in this for a long time, and the institute has worldwide name.According to our designs are created and upgraded all the sodas factories in Russia and Ukraine, built a plant in Bulgaria. Of the last significant new works — modernization soda plant in Poland. We have equipped it with the latest industrial technology of its own design. Now experts NIOCHIM complete the basic design of a soda factory in India.

Developed in NIOCHIM modern technology and can compete with the projects of foreign colleagues. Our research base and the school started during the existence of institutions that allow us to carry out research and design work on a high level corresponding to world standards. But now we need to think about how to move forward. Laboratory equipment, park equipment should be updated, which will require significant investment. We are working in this direction. In addition, the Institute is developing a new scientific personnel, recruiting capable graduates. Young people are interested not only in the high salaries, but also in the scientific and technical level of the enterprise, where she will work.

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