Kharkov students received new aircraft

Kharkov flight cadets of Kharkov University of the Air Force named Kozhedub got a new plane

Do students took a comprehensive exam on knowledge of the tactical and technical characteristics of light aircraft HAZ-30. For the "kozhedubovtsev" is a new aircraft, which they have already begun to develop.


An event on the basis of the Kharkov aircraft factory, where it was designed and built this type of aircraft. Also, the factory manufactured aircraft simulator HAZ-30, will provide high-quality training of cadets on the ground with to perform further operations in the sky.

— Starting this year, the sophomores restored flight training at light airplanes. From now on, they will receive a ticket to the sky in airplanes HAZ-30 — said the commander of the Air Force of Ukraine, Lieutenant — General Yury Baydak.Takzhe he noted that the base and repair of the aircraft is close to the university, will provide quality service to new domestic small-engine aircraft HAZ-30.Spravka.HAZ-30aircraft designed for initial training of pilots flying clubs, flying schools and military aviation, as well as for operations by individuals.
The aircraft is equipped with the Austrian Rotax-engine 912 ULS with tyagnetrilopatevim propeller. Its maximum speed — 200 km / h, the length of the runway — 100 m path length — 100 m
Maximum take-off weight of 650 kg, the maximum landing weight — 650 kg, the maximum curb weight of aircraft — 565 kg, mssa Empty — 395 kg. Aircraft is taking off and landing on the air and landing strip with artificial and unpaved.

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