Kharkov tractor plant signed a contract with NAC Ukragroleasing to supply 44 tractors

At the beginning of 2013 trading house JSC "Kharkiv Tractor Plant" has signed a contract with NAC "Ukragroleasing" to supply 44 tractors of the JSC "Kharkiv Tractor Plant" (HTZ). This was reported on August 1"SQ"in the marketing department of the Firm. According to the HTZ, as of August, under a contract passed 11 cars. Customers sent tractors series "HTZ-170" predominantly with engines "JAMZ" and "Deutz". 

As noted in the marketing department, last year, farmers have not purchased a single tractor HTZ under a leasing scheme. This year, deliveries were made in April, May, June, July and August in Rivne, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Donetsk, Poltava and Dnipropetrovsk region. "It should be noted that the ability to buy tractors for government programs partial compensation from the regional budget, together with a program of state leasing also can significantly boost sales of tractors produced domestically. As experienced HTZ in 2011, such programs give farmers the opportunity to update the fleet of tractors and sales in the region increased more than tenfold. lack of compensation schemes provokes a pent-up demand, "- noted in the factory.

Help "SQ". Kharkov tractor plant produces 2.1 thousand tractors a year. In 2012, it started to supply products to Azerbaijan, Congo, Cuba, Lithuania and Moldova. Proceeds from sales of enterprise products in 2012 compared to 2011 increased by 71 mln. and amounted to 796 mln. The number of employees increased by 99 people. and reached 3 thousand 398 people. The average salary increased by 6% to 2 thousand 934 UAH. Total payroll increased by 10.2 mln. and amounted to 119 mln. The budgets of various levels of the enterprise has transferred 99.9 mln. taxes and fees, up 13 mln. more than in 2011 In the first quarter of 2013 the share of exports in the volumes of deliveries HTZ was 92%, Ukraine bought 9 tractors.

NAC "Ukragroleasing" created by the decision of the Cabinet on April 11, 2001 The company provides services in the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment for agriculture under a financial lease. The company consists of the enterprise maintenance, logistics and machine and plant engineering.

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