Kharkov Turboatom could become Russia

Ukraine is ready to offer Russia control over the Kharkov EnergyMachineBuilding now "Turboatom" in exchange for a new gas discount.
According to TSN, Kiev will be easier to pay off with Moscow enterprises than accession to the Customs Union.
Relatively recently, the head of "Rosatom" Sergey Kiriyenko stressed Russia‘s interest in the development of Kharkiv enterprises. According to him, Russia is ready to create plant-based joint venture with Russian "Atomenergomash" for the production of a new generation of turbines for the nuclear industry.
In addition, Ukrainian edition notes that Russia’s interest in strategic enterprises of Ukraine is not limited to "Turboatom". Moscow is also interested in such enterprises as "Dawn-Mashproekt", "Zaporozhye transformer." Previously, among the assets that Russia would like to receive in exchange for cheaper gas for Ukraine, also called "Motor Sich" and the Frunze NPO. Control of them may be one of the conditions to reduce gas prices for Kiev.

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