Kharkovenergoremont completed the construction of the power plant in Georgia

Ltd. "Kharkovenergoremont" completed construction pulverized coal thermal power plant in Tkibuli (Georgia). Who is going Modal adjusting station. The power plant was built from scratch, "Kharkovenergoremont" was the general contractor for the project.

As noted in the company, the completion of the TPP in Georgia "is an important outcome of the work in 2011." Another major project that is completed Kharkov in the past year — the production of inserts for the construction of three power units of 660 MW thermal power plant "Bar" (India). Weight of equipment shipped to India amounted to 460 tons

FAQ: The contract for the construction of power plants in Tkibuli was signed in 2009 It involves the construction of 13.2 MW thermal power plant in Tkibuli mine.

"Kharkovenergoremont" renders services in engineering, design, diagnosis, management of projects related to modernization, reconstruction, rehabilitation, and repair of thermal power, hydropower and nuclear power plants. Among the customers as steel producers and sugar mills.

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