Khartsysk Pipe has developed the concept of the plastic protector new modification

The specialists of one of the largest producers of pipes Khartsyzsk Tubes included in the mining and metallurgical group "Metinvest", developed the concept of the plastic protector new modification, the press service of the company. 
"The company specialists developed the concept of a new modification of the plastic protector, which not only provides full protection chamfer the pipe, but also compares favorably to the metal. Replacement of metal on plastic protectors only in May brought the company to save more than 23 thousand UAH ", — the report says. According to the report, the new plastic protectors — versatile, and thanks to the corrugated surface, they tend to be fixed to any wall thickness. This outer part thereof is stretched and compressed by the inner resilient properties of the corrugations and so as products seamless, is suitable for any tube diameter. "The new tread is almost 4 times cheaper than used previously. Another advantage of the new tread — their light weight (approximately 1.8 kg). They are almost three times lighter than steel, which had to be transported to the installation site with a crane ", — the press-service. The enterprise stressed that now is the shipping tubes spent much less time than before: no need for braces and bandages that were used during the installation of metal treads — products ready for shipment in the warehouse. Besides accidents during transport virtually reduced to zero, as the new protectors securely fastened to chamfer the pipe.
UNIAN reference. "Khartsysk Pipe", included in the group "Metinvest" — the largest CIS factory longitudinal electric-welded large-diameter from 508 to 1422 mm with a corrosion-resistant exterior and interior or flow coating for main gas and oil pipelines. The plant is capable of producing over 1.3 million tons of pipes per year, including 665 tonnes of coated pipes. Khartsysk Pipe in 2012 reduced net sales by 52.7% — to 3.89 billion USD.

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