Kherson Shipyard has built bulk carrier

May 25, 2013 Kherson Shipyard has commissioned cargo ship project RSD58 "LEDA" (building number 18022) with a deadweight 6280 tons.

RSD58 project designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau, Odessa.

The vessel will be used for the transportation of general and bulk cargoes, including steel, grain, timber, large-sized and heavy cargo, dangerous goods of classes 1.4S, 2.1-2.3, 3, 4.1-4.3, 5.1, 6.1, 8 and 9 classes of IMDG and substances Category B of the Code of Sun

Class Shipping Register of Ukraine KM Ice 1 R2-RSN (with  permissible height of wave 3% of 6.0 meters) allows you to make international flights through Black, Baltic and other seas, completely covering the traditional commercial geography of combined river-sea vessels, as part of class restrictions.

Craft project RSD58-deck, twin-screw, with forecastle and poop, with the aft superstructure and engine room, with a double bottom and double sides, four holds, with a bulbous bow and transom aft end.

According to the classification adopted by the Bureau, the ship belongs to the "Volga-Don max" class (overall length 138.80 m, width 16.5 m) are determined by the dimensions of locks of the Volga-Don canal. For the specification in VDSK draft 3.60 m deadweight is 4693 tons. With a maximum draft of 4.25 m in the sea deadweight — 6280 tons.

The vessel has four holds a total of 9784 m³, which allows no loss of cargo to transport goods with a large stowage volume.

All holds are box-shaped, smooth, convenient for carrying cargo handling and stowage without shifting. The cargo holds 24.6 x 13.2 m (hold N1), 24.0 x 13.2 m (hold N2, N3), 23.4 x 13.2 m (hold N4) at a height of 8.20 m each hold

Allowable load on the second floor of 7.0 t / m².

Width of double sides 2.15 — 1.69 m, height of double bottom — 0.9 m

Ballast tank capacity 3112 m³.

Two main engines (SOD) with capacity of 882 kW provide cruising speed of 10 knots. Movement and maneuverability provided by two fixed pitch propellers in steering nozzles with stabilizers. For turning nozzles are installed in the steering gear compartment are two electro-hydraulic steering gears.

To improve handling when passing narrow waters, locks and mooring the vessel is equipped bow thruster of the "screw in the pipe."

The ship set Sliding hatch covers, providing 100% opening of each cargo hold. Height caps made using cylinders and movement — using special rope winches.

Craft project RSD58 "LEDA" (building number 18022) was laid down 10.08.2011. She was launched on 18.01.2013. Commissioned 25.05.2013.

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