Kherson shipyard launched the second

of complete tanker

Kherson Shipyard, part of the shipbuilding areas of Smart-Holding — Smart Maritime Group, launched the tanker project RST27 "SVL loyalty." This is the second vessel of tankers that the company is building commissioned by the group of companies SVL (Malta). The total contract value of more than $ 50 million.

  • Kherson shipyard launched the second of complete tanker
  • Kherson shipyard launched the second of complete tanker

The vessel is designed for marine and mixed ("river-sea") transportation of crude oil and petroleum products, including gasoline, without restrictions for flash, ensuring transportation of cargo to maintain the temperature of 60 ° C. Provides simultaneous transport of two types of cargo.
Co-owner of SVL Artemy Ossipyan expressed gratitude to the staff of the plant for the high quality of the shipbuilding work.
"A quality performance of our company order for construction of a series of tanker project RST 27 ahead of the contractual terms of the plant gives confidence in getting the new large-scale contracts. Already in the near future, we expect to significantly expand our portfolio. This fully complete shipbuilding remains a priority for the company," — said during a solemn meeting devoted to launching the boat, Kherson Shipyard CEO Oleg Fedak. 
The contract for the construction of three tankers of complete "river-sea" was signed between the Kherson Shipyard and Maltese company SVL in 2011. The lead ship of the project RST27 "LES LIBERTY" was delivered to the customer on March 22 of this year. Degree of the third ship of the series at the beginning of May of this year is 80.6%. Fully perform the contract will be completed in 2013.
The project is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB, Odessa). Overall length of the vessel — 140.85 m, width — 16.86 m, depth — 6 m capacity of six cargo tanks and two slop tanks of 8,100 cubic meters. m, deadweight — 6980 tons with a draft 4.20 m, in the river draft of 3.60 m — 5378 tons, cruising speed — 10 knots.

In the design of the tanker into account the special requirements of oil companies, as well as additional environmental restrictions are met class of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping "Eco Project" (ECO-S). Tankers satisfy the dimensions of the Volga-Don Canal and Volga-Baltic Waterway. Court fully comply with the new international standards.
Kherson Shipyard was founded in 1951.
Over the past 7 years the company has built and delivered to customers 37 vessels, including vessels offshore drilling platforms — yakoreukladchiki and refrigerated ships, river tankers, rail ferries, fully complete dry cargo vessels of "Chelsea", etc.
In construction, there are 2 of the vessel on modernization — 4 -11 in the repair of ships.

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