KHP. A small tour.

  • Young - road and Japanese machines
  • Young — road and Japanese machines

About half of the machinists at the Kazan helicopter plant have higher education. But even with a diploma to get their hands on the LSC "the street" is not simply, at the applicant’s biography and check the level of intelligence. Today LSC revealed to reporters the secrets of their personnel policies and helicopter hangars.

Call for a tour of the media Kazan Helicopter Plant decided ulterior motive — Today the company is actively updating its production capacity, and supplies shop with modern equipment. Some of the local machine are represented in Russia in one piece.

As the time to replace the equipment is not yet fully in mechanical and manufacturing workshop where manufactured parts for helicopters, adjoin the new Japanese luxury vehicles, which run operators 30-40 years, and Soviet-style machines — they employ staff approaching retirement age.

— See, what a contrast? In the near future, all the old machines will be removed and put modern — promises deputy. Director General, Security and Personnel Policy of "KHP" Farid SADRETDINOV. — Of course, the staff at this age, we are not going to fire. They will finish before retirement. And then they will replace the youth that we have something to attract. The average wage at the plant today is 30 thousand rubles. Minimum of workers — 15,000. But it is at the very inexperienced. Further, the acquisition of higher skills, it is growing. By the way, we have almost half of the machinists have a college education. After all, in order to work on high-tech Japanese equipment, special knowledge. But that does not mean that a person with a degree will be standing at the bench for life and can not be, for example, an engineer. If there is a willingness and desire, you can move up the career ladder.

According SADRETDINOV, employee turnover at KHP not, because conditions and wages of employees satisfied. Therefore, the plant is no need for mass recruitment. Staffing is 97%, with specialists and 30 years at the factory 36%.

— Although there are open positions — anyone can come and try it myself. We each hold a conversation, check the level of development, education, and opportunities for bio Because our plant — a strategic venture. Anyone anyhow we do not take — warned the deputy director.

From the shop where they make parts, we have spent in the holy of holies — the shop, final assembly of the helicopter hangar, where there are dozens of "half-naked" helicopters "ANSAT" and MI. Here, in the workshop is and MI-172 Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who arrived for scheduled maintenance.

In this workshop our hike joined CEO LSC Vadim Ligay, who spoke about the achievements of the plant in the field of personnel policy. According to him, the company has successfully prepares professionals "for themselves", and literally from school. By that plant management has pushed the poor quality of university graduates (the main suppliers of personnel for cardiovascular disease are KNRTU-KAI-KNRTU and Kazan State Technological University), which was observed in previous years.

— We are now of the programs in the training of engineers and workers in KAI Aviation Technical: mechanics, electricians, riveters, etc., — the Ligay. — In the KAI, we select the most talented students and, if they want to work for us, we conclude the contract. Decide on what part of the production of a student in the future will work, and then he was on the individual program receives the necessary knowledge. It’s very effective. In the Kazan school number 8, we also select our students who provide tutoring in physics and mathematics. They initially targeted at our factory and many then enter the KAI.

According to him, the general director, 80% of young people who came to the LSC is fixed at the factory.

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