Khrunichev Center finished assembling a new module for the ISS Science

Experts Khrunichev Center completed the assembly of multi-purpose laboratory module "Science" (MLM) for the International Space Station (ISS) and sent him for further tests at RSC "Energia", the press service center.

  • The module "Science."  Photo c-tra Khrunichev
  • The module "Science." Photo c-tra Khrunichev

"The work on the fabrication and assembly of the flight product multifunctional laboratory module (MLM) for the International Space Station. During the night of 6 December 7 unit was sent to the RSC" Energia "for further electrical testing of onboard systems," — said in a statement.

Khrunichev Center Specialists are responsible for the operation of the module body, its propulsion system, thermal control system and fire fighting systems. In addition, the area of responsibility includes MLM adaptation to the rocket "Proton" and launch it into orbit, which is scheduled for March 2014.

At present, the Russian segment of the ISS consists of five modules — service module "Zvezda" Functional Cargo Block "Zarya" (formally, an American, was created as a means for the United States), docking "Pierce" Mini Research Module "Search" Mini Research Module "Dawn."

Initially launching an MLM was scheduled for the first half of 2011, but then this term repeatedly postponed.

Create MLM began in 1995, along with the creation FGB "Zarya" — the first module of the ISS. The module "Science" on the basis of the FGB-2, is scheduled to be docked to the docking port of module "Zvezda".

Who is now a place docking bay "Pierce" will be flooded. The module will be equipped with three universal jobs for astronauts. It will hatch and bathroom and on the exterior — the European arm ERA. Module weight at the start was 20.3 tons, the weight of scientific equipment — up to three tons.

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