Khrushchev’s dream come true: the Russian Federation — exporter of corn

The efforts of the main breeder of all time, Russia and the former Soviet Union, were not in vain. Corn in Russia from strange plants turns into a significant export commodity. In December of 2011. Agricultural organizations have implemented the RF 784.5 thousand tons of corn. This record amount of nearly three times the results of December 2010. and almost a factor of 2 — Results December 2009

In the Central Black Earth in terms of the corn was in the lead Kursk region, its farmers have sold in December, more than 14 times more corn than a year ago, the farmers of the Belgorod region — up to 19 times more of the Voronezh region — more than 20 times, the IA " Kazakh grain. "

In the North Caucasus in terms of the corn ahead of the Rostov region — 5.5 times more than in December 2010. In the Krasnodar region over the past year exceeded 88%, in the Stavropol region — 45%.

December’s record of implementation is directly related to high export demand for corn for September-December 2011. it was delivered to foreign markets 693.48 thousand tons, including 234.06 million tons in December.

Corn stocks as of 1 January 2012. agricultural enterprises in Russia totaled 1,507.66 tonnes, which is nearly 3.5 times greater than January 1, 2011., and 2 times more than on January 1, 2010. Moreover, a significant excess stocks of corn over the last year and the year before last saved in all major producing regions.

As previously wrote "Kazakh-Grain", Russia in 2011, collected 97.8 million tons of grain in bunker weight (net 93 million tons), against 60.9 million tons last year. According danym RF Ministry of Agriculture, received a record harvest of the sugar beet — 45 million tons, rapeseed — 1.1 million tons, soya — 1.450 million tons, sunflower — 8,000,000 tons. Production of important forage crop — corn — was 6,000,000 tons. Experts predict that in the 2011/12 grain exports from the country will be 23-24,5 million tons.

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