Kiev student for the salvation of the Russian flag and got the iPad clock from Putin

Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov as a sign of gratitude for the salvation of the Russian flag on the abuse handed 14-year-old student of Kiev and the Cossack "Faithful Cossacks" Andrey Savelyev commemorative watches President of Russia, as well as iPad

As reported in the Russian Embassy in Ukraine, award ceremony took place on December 13 at the Embassy.

Presenting the award to Savelyev, Zurabov said that such an act could not go unnoticed in Russia.

He also offered on behalf of the Embassy of the Russian Federation to organize the Cadets’ Faithful Cossacks "study tours to Moscow and St. Petersburg. In addition, the ambassador promised to render assistance to Ukrainian Cossacks in the education of young people. The diplomat said that Russia is ready to prove in practice that values friendship and protection of Russian-Ukrainian relations.

Recall, October 14 at St. Sophia Square in Kiev during the time of the action "march to mark the 70th anniversary of the UPA", participants burned several flags of the Communist Party and the Party of Regions.

During the action the student cadet class center of military-patriotic Education and Sports of the International Organization "Faithful Cossacks" Andrey Savelyev robbed marchers Russian flag, which they also wanted to burn.


This story takes place back in the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks on October 14, but the response information received just now.

At Sophia Square hosted the meeting of the Cossacks, among which was a cadet organization "Faithful Cossacks" Andrei Saveliev. Faithful Cossacks brought the Ukrainian and Russian flags, as the advocate for the friendship of peoples. On the same day in Kiev march UPA. One of the marchers grabbed the cadet Russian flag. Was standing next to Andrew, he ran across the path of a big man and tore the tricolor.

Young Cossack delays thieving Nazi (left side of photo)

"I did not hesitate to chase after these people, because they do not prevent the abuse of the flag of Russia — it was important to me," — said Saveliev. — Well, that my friends could come as a fight broke out. I fought back, but the flag is not released. "

For the salvation of the Russian flag, Chief Ataman Faithful Cossacks handed Andrei Savelyev premium cross


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