Kiev student received the Grand Prix for energy savings

We determined the winner of the "Nobel laureates"

Reached the end of a joint project of the newspaper "Today" and SCM — "Nobel laureates." For eight months, beginning in March, we told you about the original inventions and discoveries Ukrainian students. During this time, the project has participated 15 children, and they presented a most unusual design. For example, a device that can be used in the home to determine dirty water or not, handheld tester gasoline quality, super powerful batteries, a mechanical lift, tow truck in a building, and even a flying car.

Also, many focused on the development of alternative energy. Thus, one of the project participants developed a model of wave power, and the other has come up as possible to get electricity from the mechanical energy of a person (for example, in the subway). Yet our inventors came up with how to protect the explosion nuclear reactor to eliminate the consequences of the accident with the oil spill and to improve medical research.

WINNER SELECTION. And all these developments are assessed guys members of our advisory council Vladimir Dmitrishin, deputy head of the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine, Irina Egorova, deputy director of the Kiev Academy of Sciences of the small student youth Natalia Yemchenko, director Public Relations and Communications, SCM, Oleg Kolesnychenko, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of Electric Welding Institute. EO Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine Grigory Chausovsky, inventor, Ph.D., associate professor of Zaporizhzhya National University. Each of these members of the advisory council, we were asked to choose three best design, which, in their opinion, deserve to win. And the author of the one who will score so the most votes will be the winner and will receive as a reward laptop. 

GRAND PRIZE. As a result, the Grand Prix of our project won the student KPI Oleg Dreval. He invented the wireless light switch that operates on alternative energy sources. Above him, Oleg worked 4 months. During this time, he assembled model and convinced of its effectiveness. "The apparatus consists of two parts: a key-switch of the light and a small receiver / transmitter, which is set in the lighting circuit unit (e.g., lamp), and taking the radio signal, turns on or off the light," — tells the student.

However, as mentioned above, one of the key features invented the switch is that it works through the use of alternative energy sources. Therefore, it is installed in the apartments do not have to hold out a lot of expensive wiring. "So, it has a solar panel — says Oleg. — And to work in the dark, I additionally supplied its piezo. So he developed the power to switch — just the mechanical action. In our case — light pressure switch. And finally, for greater reliability in my device has another element. He is charged with energy from the vibrations of the building, such as a house. We have them, of course, do not feel, but it is an inexhaustible source of alternative energy. "

ARGUMENTS "FOR". The disclosed invention had to appeal to all members of our advisory council. "For us, the JMC was very pleased that won the project was in the field of energy saving. After all, for SCM, as well as for the whole country, it is a theme — with huge potential. Now the whole world is gradually moving towards the use of new types of energy (of alternative sources), therefore, the invention Oleg Dreval keeps up with the times, and may be of interest far beyond the borders of Ukraine ", — says Natalya Yemchenko.

Appreciated the very idea of the invention. "Use alternative sources of energy management devices household appliances — the original idea, which is used in few places. In addition, it is also very practical, — says Oleg Kolesnychenko. — For example, take at least a simple remote control for the TV. It would be nice to forget about changing batteries in it. And the development of Oleg is quite suitable for the realization of this dream a reality. However, this is only one of the possible areas of application. "

The fact that izobreterenie — original, thought and Gregory Chausovsky. "It is quite extraordinary technical solutions. For example, the use of piezoelectric element. Thanks to him, the light can turn a light touch of the hand to the switch. This means that they can use even by people with special needs, "- says the inventor. And according to Vladimir Dmitrishin, not least the fact that it completed a working device, "After minor modifications, it can be run in production."

WHAT’S NEXT. Oleg itself on its laurels not going to stop. "I will continue to evolve in this direction. For example, at the moment I qualified for the free exchange of specialized IT-company, which will be held in the CPI, "- says Oleg. Besides, now in his free time, he works in one of the laboratories of the CRPD. Place it Oleg allocated for scientific achievement immediately after admission to the university. It was here that he holds all the necessary research in order to improve its "alternative" switch. And I must say, it is in fact already managed to do a great deal.

"I’ve updated his invention, replacing outdated items to a modern and high quality. I also managed to release a few of his designs, which are close to the industry. Now I have them tested, and soon going to patent its development, "- says Oleg their plans. 

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