Killed off the battlefield

The Ministry of Defence has finished publish it on your own website on the number of non-combat losses of the Russian army. In 2008, the military dubbed number — 481 dead soldier. But, according to the Union of Committees of Soldiers' Mothers, this figure, do not cut the men who died from injuries in clinics or on "citizen." Injuries and Wounds can be obtained as from suicide, accidents, bullying, and the consequences of, for example, the war in South Ossetia, but the list of non-combat losses, they do not get. In addition, the Defense Ministry is serving only half of the soldiers (there is also the internal forces, border guards, emergency, Rosspetssstroy, etc.). In view of these "nuances" Russian army loses 2.5-3 thousand soldiers and officers once a year without fighting.

In September 2010, the ancestors of the 19-year-old St. Petersburg man Maxim Plohova through the Strasbourg tribunal accused Russia of violating the right to life. Their son died five years ago, during the passage of military service in the 138th Motorized Rifle Brigade in Kamenka, known countless catastrophic incidents motivated bullying. When Max was still alive, his ancestors once complained to the prosecutor — over a guy sneered. There was no response, and ill soon died in a clinic. Upon his death, held eight forensic examinations, the results of which contradict each other. Ultimately, the diagnosis of Maxim and has not been formally established, although his colleague Alex Dulov Vyborg Garrison was found guilty of beating a tribunal Plohova.

"We have no doubt that Maxim killed, and the command and prosecutors tried to prevent a sin — says the president of the organization" Soldiers' mothers Petersburg "Ella Polyakova. — Parents need to put Plohova monument. They understand that the son did not return, but try for the other guys who are in any moment can get to the list of "non-combat losses." Each year we are faced with a barrack atrocities that are disguised as suicide, or a combination of circumstances. "

Lance Maxim DGCA may, in general, is ranked in the list of non-combat losses — he died in a clinic of military surgery from chemical burns, neck and arms, ribs and injuries of the chest. "Served" Guga in private households Usicheva retired general, who often tortured soldier and exploited it as a slave. Gugaeva "presented" Usichevu unit commander Colonel Pogudin. Guga spent three weeks in intensive care, and in the meantime someone had sent a telegram to his mother: "Mom, I'm fine."

Kirill Petrov, which, according to the military, shot himself at his post, had severe injuries of the chest. About Tipo hanged Paul Golysheva parents uttered that he was still in uchebke showed suicidal opportunities. Although for a few days before his death, he looked cheerful in anticipation of a holiday.

Army statistics show that suicide rates are half noncombat losses. In 2008, committed suicide 231 soldiers and victims of bullying were only 24 people. The head of the commission of the Public Chamber for the Armed Kanshin Alexander sees the main motive of suicide in unfavorable news from home: changed the maidens, sick parents, etc. And calls to increment the costs of military psychologists, the efficiency of which are now very small. But otvetsek the Union of Committees of Soldiers' Mothers, Valentina Melnikova does not remember the 1st option of suicide because of the girl's infidelity, but because of the criminal negligence of command — as they want.

"Once we have received information that one of St. Petersburg of the 1st of conscripts are often raped colleagues — says Ella Polyakova. — When we came to the part of the commander gave us a sacrifice — which means he knew. In another case, an escaped fighter said that in the left part of them is a colleague, which constantly crying and tries to commit suicide in the first case, a comfortable, but not part of the command decides in this regard, no action. Information is confirmed, Man the reserve, although doctors do not guarantee a return to normal life. "

According to activists, the famous Pskov Airborne Division use its own method of prevention against runaways and suicides. Delinquent paratrooper restrained with handcuffs to a hand-pound dumbbell. And if decisive correction does not occur, fighter would be entirely possible in plain (!) psychiatric clinic in Bahdanava.

Last paratrooper Anton Ruthenians not like Left Behind: two meters tall, from a military family, he begged to a landing. But as a fighter began to receive service for at least some money, he was the target of extortion. The reason (at an army jargon "schooled") can be anything — unmade bed, a rapid or, conversely, a slow gait, etc. And when there is no ability to get money, fighters, or run out of parts, or commit suicide.

"After the second escape in August 2009, I was detained by the mother in Vologda and Pskov were taken to the very beating on the way — says Anton Ruthenians. — When they got to the part I was covered in blood and bruises, but I was led not to the doctor, and to the company commander, who added me a bayonet on the head. Later, Sergeant Canas sought 13 thousand rubles — it Tipo squandered their money on gasoline, when I found. Another 5 thousand senior colleagues sought. Means I could not be, because my salary card taken away. In the end, I have written on his chest painted "I — criminal." I have not once thought about how to do away with them. "

Publication of non-combat losses of the Russian army in 2008 year caused a flurry of comments in the press, most of which were full of negativity towards the military. During the seven years of war in Iraq fighting the Yankees were losing 410 soldiers. Our homeland is losing more due to the unfortunate cases of suicide and bullying each year!

War Department responded by drastically: official data for 2009 so far is not. Known only to the individual data by region. For example, the command of the Leningrad Military neighborhood with gratification noted that in parts of the North-West, only 58 people were killed, up 5 fighter less than last year. But human rights activists they say, that really is not much that has changed. In June 2010 in a military hospital in Pechenga conscript beaten to death Artem Kharlamov. The command takes the time read about the reasons. Completely possible that Artem on formal grounds fall into the statistics of non-combat losses, and in the report of military medicine.

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