Kindergarten for 270 places built in the urban district of Berezovsky (Sverdlovsk region).

In the village of Novoberezovsky Berezovsky urban district was inaugurated a new kindergarten for 270 places. Construction was just over a year and was carried out in the framework of the regional program "The development of pre-school educational institutions in the Sverdlovsk region"

The first stone of the future of the kindergarten was founded in November 2011. To date, after all the construction work: equipped with recreational areas, works on landscaping, comprehensive safety equipment installed on the nutrition unit, a group with a complete set of advanced equipment. The total cost of the work amounted to 210 million rubles, 90% — the regional budget, 10% — local. 

On the eve of Khakassia region Askiz a welcoming opening of a kindergarten and an additional group. The village Askiz at Kalinin opened a kindergarten school "Kalinka" with 40 seats.

As the press service of the administration Askizsky district, about 4.5 million rubles were allocated from the national and regional budgets for the reconstruction of buildings and equipment for the kindergarten.

And in the top of the village of Tay in kindergarten "The Mansion" opened an additional group of 20 seats. More than 2.4 million rubles allocated from the national and regional budgets to repair more groups and bring them in compliance with all regulations. Another 300 thousand were purchased furniture and toys for children.

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