Kindergarten number 54 opened after a major overhaul in Tomsk

On Monday, 10 September, Refurbished earned Kindergarten number 54, which is located on the 2nd Basandayskom lane 8 in the village of Anikino Tomsk. As the press service of the city administration, are organized for groups of eighty-five preschoolers. Two of them — for children with cerebral palsy (eight children) and severe speech (twelve children).

In general, Kindergarten number 54 is designed for groups of 17 to 320 children. In particular, the eight special groups for kids with different types of disabilities — autism, Down syndrome, and others. Also in the control group will be working around the clock care of children. Kindergarten is a three-storey building with an area of more than 3 thousand squares, which was built in 1985. Prior to 1995, it worked kindergarten NII PP, then — the camp "Crystal". In 2008, the structure of the Department of Education gave the Administration of Tomsk. After that, the room began overhaul.

It is known that in the pre-school institution is autonomous heating systems, water supply and sanitation. There is a swimming pool, sports and music halls. In the nutrition unit is equipped with five halls, including a pastry shop. Medical unit is equipped with modern equipment. At more than 1.5 hectares of established neighborhood sports field, and for each group — separate play areas with porches, sunshades, small architectural forms. Kindergarten is now number 54 supplemented with teaching staff and support staff. In the state, other than teachers, is a choreographer, music director, instructors in swimming and gymnastics, nurses and psychologists. Pollutant control open positions pathologists and speech therapists. 
Add that construction and finishing work the contractor, LLC "Tomskremstroyproekt." The repair has spent more than 73 million rubles from the regional and municipal budgets. For the purchase of furniture, equipment and facilities in the catering department took 9,107,000 rubles. Of these, 2.4 million rubles — the investor OOO "Gazprom Neft-Vostok".

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