Kindergarten open Zarinskiy region of Altai Krai

September 1, the station Tyagun Zarinsk district opened a new children’s garden "Lesovichok." The preschool will visit 50 children.

Entering kindergarten "Lesovichok" will provide the services of pre-school education for all young citizens Tyagun station. "Children will be required to study in school training, will gain the necessary knowledge and skills. The teaching process is organized in a comfortable environment — a new child care center is fully compliant with the twenty-first century to recruit and floor space, and equipment manufacturing equipment, children’s furniture and play materials. First preschoolers Zarinsk district will have the opportunity to work in the computer lab. We do everything in our power to remote villages in the Altai children’s education was modern and worthy"- Said the head of the region.

  • The opening of the new children’s garden "Lesovichok" at the station Tyagun Zarinsk area

  • The opening of the new children’s garden "Lesovichok" at the station Tyagun Zarinsk area

According to theGeneral Department of Education and Youth Policy, in 2012, under the long-term target program "Development of pre-school education in the Altai Territory" for 2011-2015 former building of forestry has been transferred under renovation to create it preschool. Reconstruction of the building began in early 2013, at the time of the start of work on it there were only walls. Of all the sources of funding has been allocated More than 25 million rubles. General contractor company "Altaykoksohimstroy" work performed contractors of Zarinsk district and the city of Barnaul.

  • Alexander Karlin attended the opening of a new kindergarten "Lesovichok" in the station area Tyagun Zarinsk

Work was carried out on the device roofs and floors, engineering infrastructure summed electrical, plumbing and heating systems, interior and exterior decoration. For added comfort and health saving children in the kindergarten "Lesovichok" made heated floors. On the territory of pre-school works on landscaping, decoration for children’s playgrounds use hardscape. It should be noted that the pre-school at the station Tyagun Zarinsk district existed for more than 15 years.

  • New kindergarten "Lesovichok" at the station Tyagun Zarinsk area


  • New kindergarten "Lesovichok" at the station Tyagun Zarinsk area

Also as part of the opening ceremony of a new kindergarten Governor Alexander Karlin, handed over the keys and documents of the new school minibus Director Sosnovskaya secondary school Svetlana Limonov.

Residents of the area thanked the administration of the province and the Governor of the Altai Territory in person for the attention paid to the development Zarinsk district. It is worth noting that this year’s kindergarten was not the only gift from the administration of the province. During 2013 in the area of the opening of the new clinic, built by The governor’s program "75×75", was repaired five bridges along the routes, on which the transportation of children to school.

  • The new bus for Sosnovskaya school district Zarinsk

Alexander Karlin noted that cautions and support from the administration of the province for the successful socio-economic development of the region Zarinsk will continue in the future. "You know that the leadership of the country, especially the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, pays special attention to the modernization of school education, so decided to repair the school in the village of Tyagun "- said the head of the region.

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