Kindergarten was opened in the village of Pioneer (Kemerovo region).

Today, on the eve of the 95th anniversary of Kemerovo, in the village of Pioneer deputy governor E.A.Pahomova opened a second, additional, kindergarten building number 10 "Fairy Tale" with 100 seats.
"Fairy Tale" was built in 1931, immediately after the opening of the mine "Pioneers." First kindergarten was housed in two wooden buildings, and in 1953, was built two-storey building in which the first building of a kindergarten for 150 places located so far.

In 2005 the first building was virtually rebuilt again, and today opened its second meeting the highest modern standards. In general, the construction of the second building from the regional budget is directed to 89 million rubles (including 10 million for equipment).
The "punch" preschool — children’s theater studio "Golden Key"
so far the only professional children’s studio in Kuzbass, open on the basis of the kindergarten. Here’s a scene auditorium with comfortable seating for children, dressing room, dressing room, theater workshop, where the children will themselves make masks, decorations, and other attributes for the performances.
Performances will put themselves and kids, and artists of Kemerovo Oblast Puppet Theatre named after Arkady Gaidar. In addition, children will be engaged in choreography and visual arts.
In child care cozy rooms, gym, music and sports. On the first floor are installed underfloor heating, that kids do not get cold.
Have taken care of children nutrition: nutrition unit allows you to prepare meals for a couple. The kindergarten equipped playground, where you can play, do exercises, hold the baton and walking area with bulky colorful verandas.

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