Kindergartens were opened in Petrozavodsk, Tomsk, Mari El and the Volgograd region

In Petrozavodsk, after the reconstruction of a kindergarten number 99. Directions in the "Blue Vazhenkov" were 260 children aged 2.5 to 3 years. Conversion of building an orphanage for preschool began in June of this year. All work took almost 77 million rubles. 

Now in Petrozavodsk solved the problem of providing places for children who are 3 years old or more. In addition, a half months starting preschool on Green Street, and in June of the following year should be completed a new garden in the neighborhood Drevlyanka-8.

After a major renovation in the Volgograd region Surovikino opened kindergarten "Bell". Now turn to the preschools in the area has decreased by 100 people.

In the Volgograd region since the beginning of 2012 have been commissioned 4,130 additional places for pre-school children. During December will be another 1,700 seats.  


December 10, opened the 2nd Corps municipal kindergarten number 99 in Tomsk. The building built in 1979 recently completed a comprehensive overhaul.
In the past, this building was a kindergarten Military Medical Hospital. In 2012, the Corps handed administration of Tomsk. The repair of the regional budget allocated 55 million rubles, plus 8 million rubles for the purchase of furniture, equipment and accessories.

The building replaced the windows, doors, heating, sanitation and water supply, spent finishing raboty.Posle how the teaching staff will be fully staffed nursery will take 150 children from 3 to 7 years (6 groups with 12-hour stay).


In urban areas, Marie-Turek (Mari El) opened a new kindergarten "Daisy" in 140 locations.


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