Kindergartens were opened in the Vladimir Region and Udmurtia

Kindergarten for 75 children was opened on December 20 in the city of Vyazniki Vladimir region. For the reconstruction of pre-school institutions in the framework of regional and district program "Development of early childhood education in 2011 — 2015 years" was allocated 5.5 million rubles.

In Vyaznikovsky district has 39 nursery schools and nine secondary schools, with ten pre-school groups. Pre-school education is provided for more than three thousand children
All in the nursery at the beginning of 2011 exceeded 500 people. As a result of the target program in 2011 in the pre-school educational institutions were created in addition to the 11 groups of 210 seats. In 2012, in the framework of the same program with an additional 232 places were created, thus completely eliminate all on the placement of children aged 3 to 7 years.  

In the village Pachegurt Uva region of Udmurtia has opened a new children’s garden. Preprimary school will be able to accommodate 35 children. Construction of the building was carried out taking into account the location of the two groups in it — nursery and uneven, and the nutrition unit, added to the department.

In 2012 was introduced in Udmurtia 1679 places in kindergartens. During 2013 in the country is expected to open by 1600 a group of seats, and in 2014 — twice as many — about 3,200 seats. 

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