King Furs in the world is only one

Irina Krutikova

All of you must have seen a pattern of a product

some things you can count 10 or even 20 items cut.

FUR COAT — warm dream of most women. Demonstration of status and envy friends

And yet, as it is expensive and prestigious nebilo, for the most part it looks like fur, expensive bag, which was lost in the figure.
And I want to ask — why zhivotinku killed?

The work of the eminent designer of fur differs from these products as Faberge eggs from the Arbat dolls.

The sign and symbol by Irina Krutikovoj — coat "Bird"

About a thousand carefully selected elements onto cut!!!
this coat was invented many years ago, and steal the secret of copies and spawn
there were no fools :)

The secret of I. Krutikovoj not only impeccable taste and knowledge of the material, but also in the many technological innovations that it develops. She was the first in the world to produce fur coats with double-sided.
Developed the technology to cover the skin scrapings with a special compound to impart a new aesthetic appearance and improved moisture resistance and durability of fur products. From treated similarly plates can be manufactured bilateral product. With our unstable climate when the weather changes several times a day, very practical to have a fur thing in the case of wet snow or rain can be turned on waterproof side.

Many technological techniques of decoration fur, such as mink perforation, which it had developed in the 80’s, successfully used around the world.

Its very name — the legend of the world of design. All her life she was doing that until it did not create one.

She became the first designer in modern Russia awarded the State Prize

The world’s first (and the only one who owns this technology), sovmesno with Kurchatov Institute has developed metal evaporation process for fur

Only in this country can make coats golden fur

And even with a dusting of stainless steel!

This woman holds several dozen patents (about 50) in the fur industrii.Tolko it can make the dress of fur

It is very difficult to explain to people that fur is quite specific material. Only high-end designer, using their knowledge and modern technology, can create a product that will play all its colors will be fashionable and at the same time, convenient and comfortable.

The unique collection of Mouton

Irina Krutikova — the winner of the State Prize of Russia in the field of literature and art, an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts, a member of the Union of Designers of Russia, member of the Union of Artists of Russia, member of the Russian Association of haute couture and pret-a-porter, winner of the "Golden Mannequin" — Grand Prix at Fashion Week in Moscow and more … more … sea

Has been teaching and it allows potderzhivat Russian design of fur, as the chief zakonadatelya fashion in the world.

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