King of Fish Porridge

Rybozavodchik plans to increase the production of trout up to 100 tons per year

"Well, parasites bright, hungry!" — With these gentle words farmer Eugene Cyemun throws handfuls of food in the fish-infested dark Zeya water. In cages in the river right in the village Oatmeal his winter 9000 rainbow trout. In the wintering complex waiting for the end of the cold for about three thousand.

In his native Oatmeal (Amur region) Eugene and his family came from the suburbs a year ago to do is fish farming. Says rush headlong into that pool was not forced — 8 years of work in the Klin fish farm showed how a promising industry.

Pitfalls for the novice rybozavodchika was that the equipment had to be purchased in China, food — in Denmark, and receive advice from the experts on the phone from the west of the country.

With fish in Eugene Suetina can say personal relationships. With six years he could easily distinguish from carp rudd. Fished quite willingly, first with his grandfather on a large salt lake Manych Gudilo in the Rostov region, then with his father — the same See. Dropouts by a naval officer, he worked in the gold prospector farm. Went to the Moscow region for work, but stayed there.

Says passion for fishing led to Klin fish farm, where he worked for 8 years. Just over a year ago Eugene Cyemun sitting at home in the town of Klin, in 70 kilometers from Moscow, decided to find out how things are going with fish farming in his native land — the Far East. It turned out way — Internet search yielded nothing.

— It turns out that from the Altai to the Maritime fisheries is completely absent. A fish and caviar in Moscow are cheaper than here. Although it would seem, the Far East … — still wonders Evgeny. — In the 80 years we were even a state program for the breeding of trout in the Zeya reservoir — for it bought the equipment. Do not have a few years of the Soviet Union, to carry it out. Bought for the reservoir cage line is stored in the Zeya Reserve. In Blagoveshchensk once worked successfully fishery.

Eugene started with, cast a line relatives — called the Zeya and offered to start breeding trout. As a result, the hook caught the whole family — the younger brother Dmitri and mother Galina. She is now owner of a private enterprise and the main "by the papers." But the fish does not apply. It disposes of Eugene.

"Clean" ponds

— Start from the beginning — says the farmer, and takes us to admire the snow-covered Zeey. With this duct, located near Oatmeal, it all started.

It is a place familiar to him from childhood, he decided to rent because it is most suitable for fish farming — have ready mound for ponds and a river nearby. In the spring, when the snow melted, it was found that long-term dump here — a little more formal countryside. And in the summer it became clear that the bottom is strewn with drift wood ducts — drowned logs — and keep fish here will not work.

— We are using the Administration dump cleaned up, but the people's path still does not grow — rybozavodchik says, pointing to a fresh bunch of garbage. — In the spring will have to put a barrier. I do not regret that we have leased the 20 acres. In this area, dig four ponds with an area of two hectares each. One of them is almost ready. This pond can hold up to 10 tons of fish — it will be trout, sturgeon and possibly other species. Between the ponds is a natural lake — we have cleared it, the fish run there, next put the houses. Organize a camp site with a paid-sea fishing, which should make this summer.

The farmer has no doubt that the fans of fishing will line up for his ponds. And the rest will be — there will be money for the development of the economy. Last year, at first he purchased 20,000 trout fry on Anyuysk plant in Khabarovsk Territory. The fact that the transaction took place — a happy coincidence. The plant operates under the state program and grows only species of fish found in the Amur River. But for the sake of the experiment The local experts have decided to withdraw trout and did not miss. The farms involved in trout farming in the west of the country, buy fry in Norway and Finland. And they are, according to the farmer, a penny, but to deliver them to the Far East is unrealistic.

Trout Suetinov chosen not by chance — because it is growing rapidly and because of dietary meat. This year, KFH plans to acquire another 40,000 trout fry and 400 pieces of sturgeon. "I'm ready to have any fish here — if only to grow," — says entrepreneur. And the fish grew, the costs are necessary, and rather big. Now SP invested about 7 million rubles, two of them — equity, others — borrowed funds and 1.2 million — of winning through the regional Ministry of Agriculture grant.

To feed the fish

With the money from winning the grant Suetinov bought a former vegetable store, and has been building complex for wintering fish. "The building is sold to a local businessman for a minimal cost — he found out that we are opening production, and decided to support it", — says the head of the KFH.

We're going to look at the fish hibernate — now part of the population lives in cages to See (there Cyemun rented the second section), and some splashing in the pools in the wintering complex. All placed under the roof of the winter rybozavodchik not have time. Floor area of the complex — 1,500 squares. Finishing — until the future. In the fall there repaired the roof, heating and as they could, insulated windows, so the fish was comfortable. In one of the rooms there are seven children's swimming pools, in which the warp and fro fish fry. It smells like a river, heard the splash of water and approximately buzzing machine that enriches the water with oxygen.

— These pools we bought in China, but through Moscow — because all the online stores are located in Moscow. Buy directly, we could not because the cargo ferry did not work — says Eugene Cyemun difficulties. — Here there is no infrastructure at all. Fish tanks and those bought in China, and the structure on which they are kept, collected themselves improvised. Barrels, which we use as floats, bought from Amuragrotsentra — they are used to oil spilled.

We initially booked Amuragrotsentra Suetinov and feed — even specially samples were brought to the industrial base. Ordered a trial batch of 20 tons, tried and … returned to the manufacturer.

— We brought a low-quality forage. It was poorly compacted pellets, and only enough trout pellets — "dust" does not pick. And in composition he was very far from our sample, — says the farmer. — We fed them fish weighed — the minimum gain. We tripled the rate and began to feed more often — again no effect. Now we feed quality Danish feed rate of one pound per 100 pounds of fish a day, their meat and bone meal, fish meal, fats and vitamins. Kilogram together with shipping costs 80 rubles, and Russian food, which make the country's west, costing 87 rubles per kilogram.

In the end, sitting in almost three months on a starvation diet, juvenile gained only 500-600 grams in weight, and the normal diet in the pools would have sported pound trout. Product weight in kilogram and a half, the fry have to type in the period from spring to autumn. In addition to good nutrition, they need oxygen and a favorable temperature for growth. Trout like colder water at 22 degrees and dies. The most active when it grows +14-16 degrees. By the way, in Russia trout is found in Karelia.

— Now the temperature in the channel 1 degree and 3.5 degrees here. The next year plan to make
the display to output fry. To do this, we select about 300 of the largest animals in the breeding stock — explains Cyemun. — The oxygen content in the river is 30 percent more than in pools, even with enrichment.

Buyers queue up

The complex, adjacent to the "fish" room, summer farmer plans to install equipment for salting and smoking trout and fish processing plant run. Says, tries to follow the needs of the market.

— Fresh trout I will not give in Blagoveshchensk. And people are calling, asking — wholesalers of fish themselves found my coordinates. Even rang from Krasnoyarsk — the businessman said. — We are planning a trip to Blagoveshchensk, communicate with restaurants that are also interested in our trout. Now almost all the trout, which is sold in Blagoveshchensk, overseas. Sell it to buyers at 450 rubles per kilogram.

The price that the farmer is willing to expose, — 350 rubles per kilogram. For that kind of money in September of last year, residents of the Zeya area once a week had a great opportunity to buy freshly caught trout.

— For the first time we started to sell fish on the peasant fairs weekend in Sosnivka. We were offered the district agriculture department, we agreed, — says the head of the KFH. — When I first arrived and saw that all lined up — at first did not believe it to us. And when the detected time — found that more than 12 minutes we trade does not last. During this time the fly 70-100 kilograms of fish. So the demand is there.

Asked to postpone the fish even the employees of the district administration — suddenly all is not enough. These same employees (Department of Agriculture) at the time told the farmer that he is entitled to the subsidy. In the end, the last year of the regional economy of the budget offset 50 percent of the cost of feed and 90 percent of the cost of fry delivery.

Fish production in the farm plan to begin in 2014, and eventually bring it up to 100 tons per year. First fry in Suetinov should hatch from the eggs in June-July next year.

Ichthyopathology necessary as air

— I have the biggest problem — find ichthyopathology — says Eugene, explaining that it is — the doctor fish. — Though we have entered into an agreement with a local veterinary station, but they are immediately warned that explore the meat for the presence of parasites can, and identify fish disease — no.

The nearest high school, producing fish farmers and ichthyopathologists in the Astrakhan region. Eugene is considering whether to eventually start a "write" their students to practice there. "I will pay for travel and accommodation to them, and they will spend my selection Trout" — making plans to head KFH. In the meantime, this is still far away, he consults with his former colleague at Klin fish farm on the phone.

But if the doctor fish — a trade exotic and rare even on a regional scale, the ordinary workers in Porridge, would seem to be a dime a dozen. In fact, this is not the case.

— Here there is no one to work at all — says Cyemun. — Why do you think my brother is sitting on the change? I have now employs three people to fly three more jobs will appear. I pay 10,000 rubles a month — more than I can not yet, and no one here is no longer paying. I will look for work — to take just anyone not want to. One irresponsible fellow has already worked with me — "put" for the night 100 kilograms of fish. I fell asleep and forgot to check the oxygen — we arrive in the morning, and there is 260 trout swim belly-up.

Eugene helps not only take but a spouse, which, however, has yet to come to terms with the move to the Far East.


Rybozavodchikov in a little — only three formal economy. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, in addition to Suetinov, fish engaged in Amur fish plant led to Oksana Sivak, whose production base is in progress. There are grown to marketable weight purchased in China fry. Another enthusiast — Vitaly Andrei farmer from the village of Ivanovo district, Peter and Paul Fortress. It breeds in ponds carp, carp, carp and trout the same. In a year in total, he produces about 10 tons of fish.

— Trout Andrei "stole" from me — smiling Eugene Cyemun. — I'm in the autumn of 2011 "reserved" 22,000 trout fry on Anyuysk plant. And then find out that two thousand of them left Guskov — it's too much, he asked. According ovsyankovskogo farmer, he had heard that in the area there Mazanovsky farms engaged in breeding of sturgeon and carp.

Support for fish farms Amur region from the budget (million rubles).

1 — 2013

2.78 — 2012

1.65 — 2011

0.5 — 2010

90 percent of the fry with shipping and 50 percent of the cost of buying feed offset last year's three Amur aquaculture from the regional budget.

30 percent of the cost of purchasing food aquaculture area offset this year by the regional treasury. "Subsidies to those who breed fish vary from year to year. Perhaps the redemption of the feed costs this year added and expenses for the purchase of fingerlings "- According to the provincial Ministry of Agriculture.

33 the ruble was worth in the past year, one of trout fry, bought on Anyuysk fish factory.


— In order to obtain offspring in artificial conditions, trout "milk." When the eggs from females mature, it is wrapped in cloth and stroke on the abdomen, left to spawn. That same was done with males. And roes mixed and placed in trays, washed with running water. With artificial regulation of temperature fry hatch in six weeks. In the wild — in three months.

— In trout is actually white meat. We are used to the store to see the trout with pink meat. Color and distinctive taste of the fish gives a balanced diet, which feeds on trout fish factories around the world. In trout caught in the river, the meat is white and deflating the taste.

— The male trout color is darker than the females. Furthermore, they differ in the structure of the body.

— Called rainbow trout deserved. If you look at the live fish in the sun, it will shine with all colors of the rainbow.

— From the eggs to the weight of a kilogram and a half trout grow over the year.

— Trout can grow to 25 pounds, but no one grows it to a size that is not profitable.

— Almost all frozen trout, which are sold in Blagoveshchensk, — import: from Finland, Norway and Denmark. Only a small proportion of fish imported from Karelia and Leningrad Oblast.

— 450 rubles is a kilogram of frozen trout in the regional center.

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