Kirichenko: hard to score when you do not play

[Img =] Forward "Saturn" Dmitry Kirichenko told how much is going to score goals in the coming season, and spoke about how injured while still in the vacation. — Self-supporting shape while on vacation or allow the body to relax a bit? — Maintained as the ability to (smiles) Ran, tighten, push-ups — just a little bit. [Cut] — How to react to a message that will have to unite with "Khimki"? We are glad that this did not happen? — The whole thing died down pretty quickly, so it does not have time to be nervous. In general, the union of the two structures in all respects — very troublesome thing, and not sure if it could be done. We have enough of their players. If I’m not mistaken, last season they were declared over 30, and if part of the "Saturn" joined at least another couple of players, "Khimki" began to have an easy mess. — What kind of mood to start collecting? — The mood is not very much. Injured his finger, and doctors are not allowed to exercise. — Managed to injure a finger in the very first training? — No, accidentally injured his back in the holidays. — What is said Jurgen Reber at the first meeting with the team after the holidays? — Jurgen said that the team came beginner — midfielder Vladimir Kuzmich. He also said he expects to have in any case — the financial situation now is that a lot of acquisitions do not work. Also, the coach said that this year it will be easier to work with, since we are already familiar with its requirements, and we know what to expect and what to do. — Challenges for the season have not been announced? — It is difficult to put any problems. There are still two months of fees, and no one knows how to carry out the pre-season, will be staffed as we and our competitors. — Reber constantly emphasizes the importance of physical fitness. With workouts do not have to crawl? — I think that’s yet to come. We are just beginning to prepare, and severe stress will begin later. — Last season, you hit the gate is not very often. What do you think, what is that? — Oh, if only I had known! Last season you want to forget — he was so crumpled and bad … It all started with a late fee when I got injured. I had to get involved in a long season, spent a couple of unsuccessful games … When the game is more or less improved, changed coach … Last season I really did not play, and when you do not go out on the field, score is not always possible! (Laughs) — How many goals scored in the championship of Russia 2009 will be for you an acceptable result? — I would like to score 10. This is the minimum task that will try to run, regardless of how often I will go out on the field. — Some teams players arguing with each other to see who will score more goals, who was the first to distinguish himself hit his head or with his left foot … And how this state of affairs in "Saturn"? — We have the no … Although before the start of the season is still far away. Maybe it’ll work something out! (Laughs.)

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