Kirov factory bought the German Goppel Bus GmbH

"Kirov Plant" completed the acquisition of a controlling stake one of the leading German manufacturers of buses — the company Goppel Bus GmbH.

"The purpose of the transaction is to enter the Russian enterprise in the promising market of transport engineering and continued integration of the global economy" — the "Kirov Plant".

Goppel Bus GmbH is one of the oldest and best-known bus manufacturers in Europe. Production facilities are located in the cities and Nobitts Erenhayn (Thuringia, Germany).

Every year Erenhayne produce about 100 bus compositions containing low-floor buses length 10.5, 12 and 18.75 m and passenger trailers to them.

Goppel Bus GmbH has its own design department, as well as a number of unique designs and know-how, which is used as the manufacture of buses and trailers under the brand Goppel, and in carrying out orders of other clients (for example, concern MAN).  

"Company Goppel Bus GmbH, a number of innovative urban transport concepts, among which is the longest bus in the world: a model go4city AutoTram ® Extra Grand has a length of 30.5 meters and can accommodate about 300 passengers, "- said the" Kirov Plant ".

One of the unique products Goppel Bus GmbH, received recognition and gaining popularity among the organizations of public transport in Europe, has become a modern bus train. Formed by connecting the bus master and slave trailer, high-tech alternative formulations are widely used articulated buses.

Goppel Bus GmbH

"The special design coupler allows you to quickly and flexibly respond to changes in passenger traffic during the day using the compositions in the peak hours and disconnecting trailers while reducing the workload of transport. Coach formulations significantly reduce the costs of fuel and transportation services, as well as minimize the negative impact on the environment," — emphasizes the "Kirov Plant".

Equipped with an innovative steering system, hybrid drive, camcorders, electric motors automation and bus convoys are not only the most comfortable and safe for the passengers but also meet European standards for energy efficiency and environmental protection.

The main clients Goppel Bus GmbH are transport companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Poland and the Scandinavian countries, the countries of Bermuda. In addition, the company has a contract for the manufacture of frames, driver seats and cabin equipment for buses group MAN.

With the participation of "Kirov Plant" Goppel Bus GmbH will continue to work to create a modern, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient vehicles. The company intends to develop cooperation with partners, and with the support of "Kirov Factory" to get their products to the markets of Russia, Eastern Europe and the CIS. _________________________________________

"Kirov Plant" — one of the largest Russian machine-building holdings. The main activities are the metallurgy, agricultural, construction, power engineering, machine-tool manufacture and machining of parts, as well as the management of non-productive assets. Holding supplies products to more than 20 countries. On the "Kirov plant" employs more than 6.5 million employees.

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