Kirov factory modernizes its production of military and special equipment.

The plant "Universalmash" (subsidiary of JSC "Kirov Plant") has commissioned a new complex for laser cutting of metal Cutlite Penta. The project worth 34 million rubles has been implemented within the framework of the update program of military and special production company with a total budget of 250 million rubles. 

Modern laser cutting PLUS-H 6020 the Italian company Cutlite Penta is designed for high-precision and high-speed cutting of sheet metal of various thickness. The new complex has allowed more than 2 times speed up the processing of parts, increased its purity, and significantly expanded the size range of the received material to work by reducing the amount of waste sheet metal.

The introduction of the unit is preceded by the construction of a special working area with the creation of a vibration-isolated foundation, summing up the utilities and installation of modern air purification system. Today, the plant "Universalmash" uses complex PLUS-H 6020 during manufacture parts and components tracked chassis for anti-aircraft missile systems S-300V4. However, due to the unique technical characteristics — extensive work area, high-power, precision and performance — the system is suitable for the treatment of various types of parts and will be used in the production of other products. The total cost of the project to build the JSC "Plant" Universalmash "of modern laser cutting area was 34 million rubles. Payback period — 2 years.

The introduction of the machine Cutlite Penta was part of the modernization program of the production base of the plant "Universalmash." During the first phase of the project, in the period from 2012 to 2013, the company purchased new equipment for welding and blanking production: tilter housing, 16 welding units, tables for argon welding, band saw and other devices. In the next phase — in 2014 — will join the machinery of the enterprise horizontal boring machine Pama company worth 100 million rubles, 4 machining centers production Monforts Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH a total value of 72 million rubles, the setting for abrasive jet cutting Idroline 2040 Robur value of 10 million rubles and vertical machining centers, CNC universal milling machines and other advanced equipment. Overall, investment in the modernization of production capacity of the plant "Universalmash" in the period from 2012 to 2014 will amount to no less than 250 million rubles. The modernization of machinery equipment aimed at the intensification of production, shorter production technology, improving the quality and development of the competences of the enterprise in the manufacture of new types of high-tech products.

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