Kirov Plant shipped Sheremetyevo party bulldozers

In the first days of winter Kirov factory shipped Party bulldozers "Kirovec" to JSC "Sheremetyevo International Airport".

Universal wheel dozers 702MBA model K-01-SCU will be used mainly for cleaning snow from runways and taxiways airport. Nevertheless, the design and functionality of services Sheremetyevo art will also enable the machine and extending in the airport planning and construction work.

Bulldozers production Petersburg Tractor Plant (a subsidiary of JSC "Kirov Plant") equipped with an engine Yaroslavl Motor Plant produces 235 hp and the rotary blade width of 3.65 m Weighing more than 20 tons of cars were sent to the customer by road. Upon arrival technique goes to the operational services of the airport Sheremetyevo.Today bulldozers "Kirovec" are used in airports Vnukovo, Pulkovo and other air venues in Russia, including the Far North. Machines are equally effective in both construction and maintenance of roads, work in quarries, removing debris, and the construction of embankments, excavation, paving the trail roads on the virgin snow, clearing roads and ditches and ripping operations. At the same time, the quality and technological opportunities the technique of "Kirovec" is a high foreign-made counterparts. At the same time production of the Kirov plant on average 30% cheaper foreign producers.

Party bulldozers were dispatched to the JSC "Sheremetyevo International Airport" with the use of a new mechanism of sales, contemplates the realization of finished products from the warehouse. Currently, the Kirov plant, due to the created and continually replenish the supply of products, provides rapid delivery of cars at the first request of the consumer. In particular, shipping bulldozers to Sheremetyevo Airport began after 4 days from the date of signing of the contract, whereas previously the procedure could take more than a month.

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