Kirovenergomash proceeded to repair the main power

installation destroyer "Stormy"

Factory "Kirovenergomash", included in the Group JSC "Kirov Plant" started to repair the main elements of the power plant, and equipment of the destroyer (EM) "Stormy" Pacific Fleet. Told of the Central Navy Portal source said the company.

The plant has already received from the withdrawn M "Stormy" details turbozubchatyh units (MAL). This year, the units will be repaired and delivered to "Dalzavod" where the destroyer is in the long-term repair.

The future plans of St. Petersburg company — the implementation of similar work at another sister ship Pacific Fleet.

JSC "Kirovenergomash" took part in the modernization of the power plant of the Indian Navy aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya" project 11430, the main turbine which has been refurbished to the company and then steadily worked without problems during factory aircraft carrier sea trials in the White Sea and Barents Sea in the summer of 2012.

The company is now fulfilling a contract for the supply of spare parts kit at Sevmash (parts and accessories) for the Indian aircraft carrier. Start sea trials "Vikramaditya" is scheduled for the summer of 2013, and by the end of the year is planned transfer of the ship to the customer.

The destroyer "Stormy" — the ninth ship of Project 956 "Buzzard". Laid on the Shipyard. AA Zhdanov (from 1996 — OJSC "JSC Shipbuilding Plant" Severnaya Verf ") November 4, 1983 (serial number 869), launched on 30 December 1986, the Soviet Navy flag was raised Oct. 16, 1988. In December 1989, entered into Pacific Fleet, which had served to productions in 2005 for repairs "Dalzavod" in Vladivostok.

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