Kislovodsk can become the capital of the Russian carnival

How to live the capital of the sun and narzan in the coming decades? This question can be answered by reading the draft of the new master plan for the development of Kislovodsk. The discussion led to a heated debate. Their views expressed by residents of the resort during the public hearings.

The new document which will live up to Kislovodsk 2033, adopted on the basis of what the city will be from 135 to 150 thousand inhabitants.

First of all, according to the architects, it provides the further development of Kislovodsk is a resort city. Particular focus is given to transportation alternatives. Thus, the planned construction of a Victory Avenue overpass that will connect the western and eastern parts of the city.

Designers from Moscow, having carefully studied the current state of the resort city, came to a not too comforting conclusion: man-made and man-made load is too great. Hence — landslides, soil erosion, flooding, degradation of forest plantations.

The implementation of long-term plan, according to the first deputy chief of Kislovodsk Oleg Barouka should help to address these issues.

"Kislovodsk participates in the regional targeted program" Urban Development in the UK at sofinasirovanii regional government in the amount of 2 million 300 thousand rubles. 6.1 million rubles allocated from the city budget, "- said Barouka. Terms of reference have been prepared.

Do not forget about the construction of new sports and recreation facilities. As for a lot of years ago, transferred into the hands of unscrupulous developers territory where the old lake, soon she will return to the city and there will be a large recreation area, says the head of the city of Kislovodsk Natalya Lutsenko.

Residents of Kislovodsk sent to the designers of their suggestions. For example, lay in the project mechanisms to correct deficiencies that exist in the urban economy today.

There is also an unusual offer: to build a station on the disposal of snow, build a climbing wall and a race track, but also to make the city the capital of the Russian carnival. All suggestions will contribute to the proposed project and will consider it again at the next public hearing.

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