Kislovodskiy maternity hospital opened after major repairs

Kislovodskiy maternity hospital was opened after reconstruction. Towards a new plaster added new equipment. "This is the best gift to the city on New Year’s," — said came to the grand opening and fun to list everything that has been done during the repair.

Such large changes have never been here. Repair waited for 20 years, and the result exceeded all expectations.

More than 220 million rubles were allocated for the program to modernize health care overhaul, 170 million — for the purchase of the most modern medical equipment. The city has prepared the technical documentation and helped purchase new furniture. "Today, our hospital has found a rebirth. I really want to make every family Kislovodsk sounded childish laughter. We will create the conditions for pregnant women and for infants," — said the head of the resort city of Kislovodsk Natalya Lutsenko.

Now here is operating, which is equal to, in the words themselves physicians in the province do not. The special air conditioning system continuously disinfect the air in the operating room. So, keep the sterile area is much easier.

Changed and the catering department. It completely replaced the equipment, made repairs. Assess the quality of meals today will be the first patient maternity updated.

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