Klepatory SKD «Ehnerprom for the FUSO KAMAZ Trucks Rus


According to the order of "FUSO KAMAZ Trucks Rus" in "Ehnerprom" designed and commissioned a series of hydraulic klepatory SKD for cold riveting frames of cars at high intensity work in a conveyor assembly. Riveting cycle is a few seconds.

"FUSO KAMAZ Trucks Rus» FUSO KAMAZ TrucksRus — a joint venture of OJSC "KAMAZ" and MitsubishiFusoTruckandBusCorporation for production and sale in Russian Japanese trucks Mitsubishi Fuso. Created at the end of 2009, within the framework of the strategic partnership between OJSC "KAMAZ" and concern Daimler AG, a major shareholder MFTBC. The enterprise is of medium build chassis Mitsubishi Fuso Santer.

Specifications klepatorov series SKD

Klepatora main components are:

  1. hydraulic cylinder;
  2. Clamp;
  3. punch;
  4. Handle with push button control;
  5. spring balancer, retaining gidroskobu with rigging slings and ospreys.

Klepatory series SKD performed with hydraulic return stroke.

Two-port pumping station for the system klepatorov SKD-35200

Performance klepatorov SKD series with riveting frames of cars

Hydraulic klepatory SKD series are designed for general use in a variety of industries in the performance riveting works in the automotive industry assembly factories, car building, production and factory repair of road construction and mining equipment, the repair and manufacture of equipment for the oil and gas industry. Application klepatorov SKD series ensures high quality and performance riveting.

"Ehnerprom" develops and manufactures both klepatory Hydraulic Equipment solutions to your problems.

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