Klimov is working on the engine for the IL-112V

Moscow. May 14. Airports — JSC "Klimov" (St. Petersburg) is considering the main directions of continuing to create an aircraft engine for light military transport aircraft (LVTS) IL-112V, said "AviaPort" a source in the military-industrial complex.

According to him, has now formed a supplement to the terms of reference for the development of the engine for the IL-112, therefore, is difficult to say whether to generate a different engine, but most likely it will be built on the basis of the previously developed TV7-117ST.

In particular, it is expected that the engine will have to have some more takeoff power than TV7-117ST. The development of the engine, its flight and state tests take about 4 years

The agency’s interlocutor said that a few years ago, stopped funding the development of TV7-117V as well as the development has been suspended and the Il-112V.

On the role of LVTS pretend ramp Il-112V (new project) and An-140t (based on passenger An-140-100). Despite the fact that the aircraft based on the An-140-100 can be set up a little earlier Il-112B cargo compartment Il-112V fully in size responds to the objectives of the customer — cargo compartment LVTS based on the An-140-100 has a smaller size than Il-112V and LVTS based on the An-140-100 can not carry the entire range of equipment specified by the customer, said the specialist.

Engine TV7-117SM/ST

  TV7-117SM TV7-117ST
Power 2500 l. s. 2800
Specific fuel consumption 208 g / l. s. h 203
Power 1800 l. s. 2000 l. s.
Specific fuel consumption 233 g / l. s. h 223 g / l. S.Ch.
Geometric characteristics
Length 2151 mm 2151
The maximum diameter 940 mm 886
Dry weight 510 kg 499
TBO, hour 2275 hour 1200 (phase ICG)
Nominated life, h 9100 2400 (phase ICG)

JSC "Klimov" is part of the United Engine Corporation — a subsidiary of the "OPK" Oboronprom "for engine assets. Enterprise engaged in the development, support of serial production and service of engines for helicopters and jet engines for fighter aircraft.

Dmitry Kozlov

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