Klimov will present new developments helicopter engines at HeliRussia 2011

JSC "Klimov" at HeliRussia 2011, which will be held May 19-21 in Moscow, will present a new development of three types of helicopter engines for use in military and civil aviation, the company said.

In particular, the company will demonstrate the turboshaft engine TV7-117V is designed for use on Mi-38 turboshaft engine BK-2500P, the engine VC-800. Currently, prototypes TV7-117V are bench testing. Preparations are underway to conduct flight tests on the helicopter Mi-38. The engine is unique in this class facilities both fuel economy and power on take-off, according to a press release.

VC-800 Engine is designed for use in small helicopters weighing 2 to 4.5 tons. It is characterized by simple design and is aimed at reducing operating costs. The development is equipped with modern automatic control and monitoring, which will improve safety.

JSC "Klimov" is part of the United Engine Corporation (JSC "MC" UEC ") — a 100% subsidiary company of the" OPK "Oboronprom" for engine assets. The company is engaged in development, support of serial production and service of engines for helicopters and jet engines for fighter aircraft.

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