Klintsovsky truck crane plant expanded its range sorokatonnikov


Specialists Klintsovsky truck crane plant produced a prototype of a new model of "sorokatonnika" — tap KS-65719-1 K-1. The new crane continues the line of his Senior predecessor KS-65719-1K, but has some differences: 

  • boom with a maximum range of 31 meters departure in the folded position is quite compact, making the crane more maneuverable in traffic;
  • construction crane KS-65719-1 K-1 is designed in such a way that complies with all regulatory requirements in size and load on the axle for free movement on roads.

During the first demonstration of the crane KS-65719-1 K-1 to the general public, which took place at the exhibition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the release of the first plant Klintsovskaya crane, crane aroused great interest of consumers and partners of the plant: experts agreed in a unanimous opinion that the machine is a worthy successor to the line of heavy-duty cranes "KAZ".

Mass production of this model is not planned to delay: in case of a successful factory and state tests crane KS-65719-1 K-1 will be the production model "Klintsovsky truck crane plant" in December 2012. Previously, the company introduced another new model crane KS-65719-5K, production of which will start from November 1, 2012.

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