KMAruda update equipment

"KMA Ruda" (Belgorod region) has purchased a new car loading 1PPN-5 and put into operation its tank for storage of cement.

The main advantages of the bunker are working on needs and less dust. It is equipped with two sensors — in the top and bottom of the cylinder, which signal insufficient quantities of cement and the complete filling of the silo. In the mine considerable amount of work is carried out with the use of concrete. This is the construction of bridges, foundations vibroustanovok, dewatering grooves and more. Previously, almost every week for these purposes from the cement plant ordered cement that unloaded into trucks and lowered into the mine. Now the scheme of work has greatly improved.

JSC "Combine" KMAruda " provides underground mining Korobkovskoye banded iron deposits of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly and processing them in the iron ore concentrate. The combine includes:
Gubkin mine, which combines the former mine Gubkin and South Korobkovo;
Crushing and processing plant (areas of enrichment number 1 and number 2);
Railway shop, which is a concentrate shipment and delivery of cargo.

In addition to these workshops in the factory include: Energy Service, shop for construction and operation of buildings, vehicles and stroymehanizmov shop, shop for the repair of mining equipment and other services necessary for the production of the plant.

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