Knight gave battle

[I] Roman Rapscallion, "Soviet Sport" [/ i] Rostov met stiff resistance Podolski club, but still continued the tradition to bring a "double" four points. [B] To break through COULD BE A MAJOR [/ b] Having played a draw in Novotroitsk "Rostov" went to Podolsk with only one purpose — to win. Composition Rostovites undergone some changes after the match with the "Values". Denisov moved from the left flank to the center of defense, taking the place Shtaniuk, and at left-back was Bendz. In turn, the central axis of the midfield made from aspen Kulchiy, and the edges are located Akhmetovich and Astafev. The changes are not made only for the offensive line. Leather and textile Dyadyun were again otryazheny to attack and, looking ahead, I will say that a bunch of forwards looked much brighter than in the previous meeting. [Cut] The fight began with the attacks of the hosts. Two consecutive corner was not to no avail. In less than 20 minutes, "Rostov" came forward. Circassian, committing acceleration on the wing, slightly shifted to the center and made a cool canopy on Dyadyuna. One of the best scorers in the "Rostov" soared into the air and his head sent the ball into the far corner of the goal. Desperate leap Chernitsyna only added beauty and drama of the moment, to help his team goalkeeper, "Vityaz" was no longer in force. After another 15 minutes, "Rostov" had to double and then triple their advantage. First Akhmetovich, once on the shock position, skillfully shot "cheek" — the ball hit the post. And then, of leather, great edging defender into the penalty box and found himself face to face with the goalkeeper Podolski club, but this time Chernitsyn rescued the hosts. "Knight" replied rare counterattacks mainly through the left flank, where time after time Grigoryan went from Circassian. But particularly disturbing Gerus "Knight" was possible only after a corner, when the forgotten Arkhipov shot point-blank, but the "Rostov" showed a good response. [B] TWENTY YEARS [/ b] After the break, Rostov were less active in the attack, preferring to worry about the safety of their own goal. Giving the initiative to ward Gorlukovicha, yellow and blue created a couple of good counterattack. In one of these attacks Dyadyun could take issue, but his shot after a brilliant unsophisticated transmission Kozhanova. After 59 minutes, held symbolic for Shakhtar debut: on the left, Peter Gitselov — the son of the famous club‘s veteran Alexander Gitselova. It is interesting that the last time the striker played for the then "kombaynostroiteley" exactly twenty years ago. In the reporting game rented from the "Rubin" extreme hav not remember anything special, but he has yet to establish gaming to new partners. The last word could remain at the club near Moscow. Another corner again "found" head Arkhipova and this time played great Gerus fished the ball out of the bottom corner of the net. The victory of "Rostov" one more match increased a record unbeaten run, which is already 23 games. Now wards Oleg Dolmatova be crucial home game with the "Ural". [I] CSKA (Moscow) — Rostov (Rostov-on-Don) — 0:1 (0:1). Goal: Dyadyun 17. Knight: Chernitsyn, Tchuyse (Head, 46), Smirnov, Zaitsev, Firsov, Grigoryan, Arkhipov, Duyun (a) (A.Imrekov, 66), V.Imrekov (Izmailov, 46), Sharyn (Anokhin, 73), Myazin . Rostov Gerus, Denisov, Zivanovic, Bendz, Circassian, aspen (k), Kulchiy, Astafev, leather (Zuev, 85), Dyadyun (Burmistrov, 90), Akhmetovich (Gitselov, 59). Penalties: B. Imrekov, 9, Akhmetovich, 16, Zaitsev, 38, front, 60, Smirnov, 87 — warnings. Judge Yu.Rubtsov (Moscow). July 29. Domodedovo. Stadium "Avangard". 800 spectators. +18 Degrees. Shots on Goal: 12-9, are off target: 3-3 Corners: 7-5. Man of the match: Maxim Astafev ("Rostov"). [/ I]

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