Kola Mining equipment upgrades processing plant

At the processing plant the Kola Peninsula launched a large-scale project to upgrade the motors and control systems of the two ball mills, large-MSH-300. The company’s investments in hardware upgrades will be more than 500 million rubles. In the process concentrator large-mill play a major role. They provide processing of 3.3 million tonnes of ore per year, representing more than 40% of the performance of PF.

The operating system has control of electric mills obsolete and no longer meet modern requirements. In addition, manufacturers stopped producing the necessary spare parts and units, which increased the likelihood of emergency situations.

The main element of the new system of ball mills will cyclo created on the basis of a programmable microprocessor technology from Siemens. With their help staff the factory will be able to estimate the parameters of all parts and components of mills in real time and react to the comments.

At present, the processing plant is assembled and installation of steel structures, which will house the cyclo-converter. In mid-July specialists will start laying electrical networks. The final phase of the project — scheduled to be commissioned in September. Adjustment of the equipment will be carried out by representatives of the supplier Bergbau Systeme AG and the manufacturer Siemens. At the time of commissioning large-mill stop for 10-12 days.

In addition to the modernization of the control system of electric planned to replace the lining of ball mills. Parallel conduct such manufacturing operations as soon as possible — a rare phenomenon in the mining industry.

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