Kola MMC creates cobalt production of high grade

On the Kola Peninsula (a subsidiary of MMC Norilsk Nickel) in the framework of the investment project "Cobalt production" complete supply of technological equipment and its installation began on the redistribution of two-stage kobaltoochistki. 

Redistribution of two-stage kobaltoochistki, which will be located at the base of the hydrometallurgical separation tank house number 2 nickel (GMO Ceng-2) is the first link in the chain of production of electrolytic cobalt highest grades.

The main technological equipment that are involved in the redistribution of two-stage kobaltoochistki — pumps, piping, valves and instrumentation equipment. Its cost more than 50 million rubles. Installation is undertaken by the general contractor — Pechengastroy. Finish it and start commissioning in the Kola Peninsula plan in April of this year.

On technology developed by the Kola Peninsula and the Institute Hypronickel, nickel electrolyte purification of cobalt and cobalt produce primary cake will be made from chlorine oxidation and deposition of cobalt hydroxide in two stages. This will halve the initial nickel content Keke cobalt and 30% to reduce the consumption of reagents — soda and chlorine, thereby reducing energy consumption and reducing the sulfuric acid. As the chief project manager Mykola Shelest, "The implementation of this technology will also improve the efficiency of production of nickel in Ceng, and the company as a whole."

The result of the project "Cobalt production" will be the creation of Russia’s only industrial production of high-quality and competitive in the global market of the product — the highest grades of electrolytic cobalt. Investment in the project is estimated to be worth about 2 billion rubles.

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